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All-Star Procedures...please read 

(tryout times are listed below) 

Each coach was asked to submit a list of players on their team that they feel have the opportunity to make the all-star team. The coaches have been evaluating these players based on their season performance.  The coaches will then resubmit a listing of the players they feel should be invited to try-outs. This tryout will be held on Saturday June 12th see website for times.  Only players notified by their coach or player agent are asked to attend.  Immediately following the try-out the coaches will get together and determine which players will make the all-star teams. If the coaches feel the need, they may narrow the “potential team” down and have additional “try-outs” before setting the final roster.  The District again, will hold a tournament for every age group, with two tournaments for 10, 11 and 12 year olds (National and Post) base on our numbers South Oldham will be fielding one team in every age group and one team in each of the 10 year old tournaments.  The district tournaments (everyone except for 10, 11 and 12 year old National Teams) will start on Sunday June 20 or Monday June 21 and could play through the end of the month if we make it out of pool play.  The National Tournaments will start around July 5 and could go until July 15 if we get out of pool play.  If we would win district and continue on, the State Tournament will start the end of July.  If your child cannot be available for practice starting on June 15th or available for all games during the tournaments, please let us know.  Also, there will be a uniform charge for all players to play all-stars (this fee could be as much as  $ 40). If you have any other questions feel free to call your player agent (Phone numbers listed at or Roger Frantz (243-1975).



Post Season Tournaments – District Only

7,8,9,10 – June 20 – July 1 (Approximate dates)


National Tournaments –

10,11,12 – July 5 - ???  (Approximate dates)

Tentative all-star tryout times for Saturday June 12 are as follows. Please check back to make sure they are official.

11 Year Olds 4:00
12 Year Olds 6:00
9 Year Olds 4:30
10 Year Olds 6:30
7 Year Olds 3:30
8 Year Olds 5:00