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Ph: 502-243-3345      Email:       P.O. Box 189 Crestwood, KY 40014



2008 South Oldham Little League

Manager/Coach Application  (Please Print LEGIBLY)


Name: ______________________________________________________


Phone Number – Work: _______________    Home:______________  Cell: _______________


E-Mail Address: (important!) __________________________


Position Requested (Please Circle):       Manager          Assistant


Division Requested: ______________________        Shirt Size __________________________


Team Name Requested: ______________  Is your son/daughter a player?  Yes   No


Did you manage/coach last year: Yes                            No

            If yes please list Team and Division ___________________________


Manager Requests  --  Based on the number of applications that we receive, not everyone that applies may get the position that they are requesting.  Would you be willing to Assist another Manager if a team is not given to you?:               Yes             No

 Per Little League we are required to check all managers/coaches against the state of Kentucky Sex Offenders Database.  By completing this application you are giving SOLL permission to perform this check.

 All managers are required by the South Oldham Little League to 1) complete a league-sanctioned coaches’ training program, and 2) to attend one league-sanctioned umpire training session.  In addition, the league will offer a basic sports first-aid program for coaches. 

 Watch the website ( and e-mail for the dates/times of all coaches’ training sessions and any coaches’ meetings.

 You will be notified of all tryout / draft dates applicable to your division.  There are no tryouts or drafts for T-ball and Rookie; players in those divisions will be assigned to rosters by the SOLL.  All information will be posted on the website.  Be sure to check the “Coaches” page and the “Calendar” pages in particular.

 This form must be accompanied by a completed Little League Volunteer application and a copy of a photo ID.   The South Oldham Little League does not guarantee that you will be granted a team; approval of your application is contingent upon board approval. 

 You will be notified promptly by phone when the league chooses its 2006 managers.

 If you have any questions, please contact Director of Coaches Rusty Davis at 262-3793.


Signed: _____________________________________          Date:_______________