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Ph: 502-243-3345      Email:       P.O. Box 189 Crestwood, KY 40014




Board of Directors 2012 - 2013 - Elections Occurring Shortly

President Barry Pennybaker  
Secretary Rachael Roy  
Treasurer Tonya Hobbs  
VP Baseball/Softball Jeff Floyd  
Dir. of Safety Tony Elsbury  
Assistant VP    
Director of Coaches    
Director of Equipment    
Chief of Umpires/Scheduling    
     Umpire Trainer    
Marketing Committee    
Director of Uniforms    
Director of Concessions    
Director of Fall Ball    
Player Agent - Senior    
Player Agent - Junior    
Player Agent - Major    
Player Agent - Senior-Minor    
Player Agent - Machine Pitch    
Player Agent - Rookie    
Player Agent - Tee-Ball    
Player Agent - Softball (Interim)