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Ph: 502-243-3345      Email:       P.O. Box 189 Crestwood, KY 40014






Ages 4-6      Played on a field with a 45 foot basepath. 


Rookie (Machine Pitch)

6 - 7 year olds - This is primarily a league for six year olds who have already played in Tee-Ball at least one season.  Players get five pitches from a machine to try to hit.  If they fail to do so, they hit off a tee.  Although scores are kept, standings are not and there is no post-season tournament.  Like tee-ball, this division is played on a field with 45 foot basepaths. 


If you have signed up a seven year old for this division, he/she will be required to try out during the Machine Pitch division tryouts and the league may place him/her in the Machine Pitch division instead, based on skills.

Machine Pitch

Ages 7-8 - This is the primary division for all seven and eight year old ballplayers.  The ball is pitched from a machine at 40 mph.  The field is larger than the T-Ball and Rookie fields, with 60 foot basepaths.  This is the first division in which the players are allowed to steal bases.



Ages 9-10 - This is first division in which the kids pitch.  The basepaths are 60 feet and the fences are approximately 200 feet away. 


Major League  

Ages 11-12 - The pitching improves dramatically in this division.  The basepaths are 60 feet long.


Junior League

Ages 13-14 - This division is played on a full-size diamond, with 90 foot basepaths and 300+ feet to the fence.  Players are allowed for the first time to use metal cleats and "jumbo" bats (2 5/8" diameter barrels).  The rules nearly mirror high school rules at this stage.


Those who play in the Junior League are also elegible to play in a Middle School Division for 7th and 8th grade boys through Greater Oldham County Baseball.  Please consult their website for details. 

Senior League   -  
          Ages 15 - 16 - South Oldham Little League will offer a Senior Division for ages 15-16 in 2007.  Please call 243-3345 and leave your phone number.  Teams in this division typically play 15-20 games, mostly against high school AAU teams.  A league representative will contact you soon!  Or go to "Applications" - applications are accepted in this division through late May.  Games start in early June and run through mid-July.

Big League -

This division is new to South Oldham Little League in 2008, and is for ages 17-18.  Please call 243-3345 and leave your phone number.  Like the Senior League, this division will be highly competitive and will play against other local teams from other leagues and against teams composed of high school players.  Signups for this division - see "applications" - extend into late May.   Games start in early June and run through mid-July.


Softball (softball is offered as a joint league with the North Oldham Little League.  For more information, call 222-4321.)   Ages 7-16