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  South Oldham Little League 2007 All Star Report...

District 2 "Local" All-Star Tournaments:      Many "Local" Teams are now participating in several nearby tournaments.  Click the links for more information and pictures (from the teams that have submitted pictures).

Click on the LINKS below to read about the all-star teams' progress:

            Seven Year Old Machine Pitch 7A All-Stars   

            Seven Year Old Machine Pitch 7B All-Stars   

            Eight Year Old Machine Pitch 8A All-Stars

            Eight Year Old "Big Green Machine" 8B All-Stars

           Nine Year Old "Local" All-Stars

            9-10 Year Old "Local" All-Stars       

            11-12 Year Old "Local" All-Stars

Little League "National" All-Star Tournaments:

            10 Year Old "National" All-Stars "Sluggers"

            11 Year Old "National" All-Stars

            12 Year Old "National" All-Stars

            Junior "National" All-Stars