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  South Oldham Little League 2009 All Star Report...

2009 All-Star Teams:                         Click for ARCHIVES:     2007 All-Stars        2008 All-Stars

2009 All-Stars - LOCAL teams: (Click on the link to go to the team page, including scores, recaps, and pictures)

    7A Machine Pitch all-stars        District 2 Runner-ups

    7B Machine Pitch all-stars

    8A Machine Pitch all-stars

    8B Machine Pitch all-stars

   9 year old all-stars

    9-10 year old "Gray" team all-stars          District 2 Champs     

    9-10 year old "Green" team all-stars   District 2 Runner-ups

    11-12 year old "Local" all-stars       District 2 Champs

Little League "National" All-Star Tournaments:

    10 Year Old "National" All-Stars    District 2 Champs

    11 Year Old "National" All-Stars

    12 Year Old "National" All-Stars

    Junior "National" All-Stars      District 2 Champs

    Senior "National" All-Stars     District 2 Champs